Accident and Emergency (A&E) department skill lab

Accident and Emergency (A&E) department skill lab is established at SIHFW. It has following areas
 1.  Triage area
 2.  Intensive care unit/ACLS area
 3.  Airway management area
 4.  Basic Life Support (BLS) area
 5.  Trolley/wheel chair bay

It is designed to teach the life saving skills required in hospital or out of hospital setting. Also the participants learn how to work as a team in emergency situation. The participants practice their skills on mannequins and do simulation exercises.
Basic Life Support covers basic issues like ensuring safety of the patient/victim and rescuers, asking for help from the correct quarters in correct manner and providing life support till the team armed with more personnel and devices for assessment and management joins in or takes over. The format is equally useful in an out-of-hospital situation as well as in-hospital ones. It has an application in dealing with widely variable situations like a collapsed victim, cases of heart attack, drowning, convulsions & foreign body aspiration etc.
ACLS is the continuation of BLS supplemented with a well knit team of trained health care providers working in a protocol based manner. This team of ACLS providers (called Code Team) uses monitoring devices, advanced airway management techniques and equipment, drugs, fluids, electrical therapy and an organized effort to find and manage the reversible causes of a victim’s condition.

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