Female sterilization (Laparoscopic Sterlilization & Minilap Tubectomy) training

Level of training - District
Target participants - Gynaecologist/Surgeon/Medical Officer trained in Minilap, Staff Nurse and OT Assistant (for Laparoscopic sterilization),
                                     Medical Officer/Surgeon (for Minilap Tubectomy)
Total duration - 12 days
Total participant/batch - 3

Female Sterilization is one of the most popular and effective methods of contraception. In addition to being permanent, it is highly effective, safe and relatively free from side effects. In India female sterilization by tubectomy or tubal occlusion is the most commonly accepted methods among eligible couples.
The architectural changes under National Health Mission (NHM) of Government of India have strengthened the health facilities for providing assured, fixed day family planning services at DHs, SDHs, FRUs, CHCs and PHCs. In addition the increase in the number of institutional deliveries on account of JSY, JSSK and other initiatives increases the scope for post partum sterilization.
Therefore, to increase the access to female sterilization, it is imperative to have trained service providers for both minilap and laparoscopic sterilization at the facilities so as to provide regular and fixed day services throughout the year. A manual has been developed to ensure uniform standards for training and performing minilap and laparoscopic sterilization.
Female sterilization is a relatively simple procedure that involves permanently blocking the fallopian tubes to prevent fertilization. There are two common surgical techniques for female sterilization: Minilaparotomy which involves making a small incision in the abdomen. In this, a portion of the fallopian tube is ligated and incised. The other technique is laparoscopic, which involves inserting a long thin tube with a lens (laparoscope) in it, into the abdomen through a small incision. The laparoscope enables the doctor to view and occlude the fallopian tubes with Falope rings. Both methods are equally safe and effective.

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