Infection Management and Environment Plan (IMEP) training

Level of training - District
Target participants - Medical Officer/Staff Nurse/Operation Theatre Assistant/Operation Theatre Nurse/Lab Technician/Auxiliary Nurse Midwife/Class IV upto PHC
Total duration - 1 day
Total participant/batch - 30

If integrated with SBA
Target participants - SBA trainees (Staff Nurse/Auxiliary Nurse Midwife)
Total duration- same as that of SBA training
Total participant/batch- same as that of SBA training

The purpose of IMEP Training is to develop skills in medics, paramedics and support staff to manage, avoid, reduce and control health and environmental risks arising out of poor infection control practices and unsound environment management systems such as inappropriate disinfection, poor sterilization techniques, inadequate use of protective gears, poor bio-medical waste handling, treatment and disposal practices, unhygienic and unsanitary conditions and inadequate potable water within the healthcare facilities. Institutionalizing effective waste management systems in all healthcare facilities is a key prerequisite for improving efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.
In Haryana the IMEP training is integrated with SBA training also. Separate one day batches are conducted for diverse group of participants. The category is specified above.

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Final vetted BMW Rules 2015       (526 KB)
IMEP guidelines for CHC      (3.25 MB)
IMEP guidelines for PHC      (3.38 MB)
IMEP guidelines for subcentres      (2.62 MB)
IMEP policy framework       (347 KB)
Plasma Technology       (157 KB)
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