Male Sterilization (NSV) training

Level of training - District
Target participants - Medical Officers
Total duration - 5 days
Total participant/batch - 4

Sterilization is currently the world’s most widely used contraceptive method in developing and developed countries alike and it is projected to remain so over the next two decades. Sterilization accounts for nearly half of all contraceptive use. Today, one out of four couples worldwide, choose sterilization as their family planning method.
Before the introduction of laparoscopic tubectomy in India, vasectomy was the main stay of the sterilization, accounting for about 85 to 90% of the acceptance. With the simplicity of the laparoscopic procedure, vasectomy started losing its acceptance and the focus shifted towards female sterilization. One of the reasons for the low and declining use of vasectomy is health professionals’ lack of knowledge, misinformation and personal dislike of vasectomy or untested presumptions about what men thought and wanted. Men in every part of the world and every cultural, religious or socio economic settings have demonstrated interest in or acceptance of vasectomy, despite commonly held assumptions about male attitudes or societal prohibitions. When program managers and providers take an active role in addressing men’s needs, rather than simply making vasectomy services available, men will respond and more vasectomies will be performed.

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